Pairs at the Planetarium – 2022

This weekend our families had the fun honor of learning about planets, constellations, and space at the Pierce College Science Dome!

Most kids were over the age of 3 to be able to listen (aka pay attention!) to the sky talk.

The kids enjoyed shouting answers and trying to find planets, stars, and moons as the sky above them changed.

These photos are from before the show – it gets much darker to really see the sky!

It was so nice getting together safely after a long time of no in-person events!

Pairs at the Patch 2021

We were so excited to be back in-person at the patch this year even though it rained, like a true PNW fall day! With 1 set of triplets and 10 twin families, including siblings we had quite the turn out! This is one of our favorite annual Pierce County events. Parents and children can dress in Halloween costumes and get a pumpkin.

Last year, we had a virtual event where families got pumpkins and showed off their decorated jack-o-lanterns on our private Facebook page.

If you would like to join TPOM and have access to full event details, you can sign up here.