Board Members

Meet our wonderful board members below who keep our organization running and fun for all members!

Crystle Rivera, President and NW Senior Delegate


NW Senior Delegate:

I am a single mother of fraternal boys. I also work full time with Pierce County’s Department of Emergency Management. I joined TPOM when I was pregnant. From the moment my babies were born TPOM became my lifeline. I appreciate the overwhelming support I receive from this group of amazing parents. I am never alone in figuring out how to do something because there is a tribe of people I can ask for advice. I look forward to our events and play dates because we are around other families like ours, instead of being the only family there with multiplies. It is an honor to serve on the board of TPOM as it gives me the opportunity to give back to the group that gives so much to our family.

Hillary Stephens, Vice President


Hillary sits on a log with her family of 6 with a waterfall in the background.
I am a mother of four including identical twin girls. When I found out I was pregnant with twins I was in complete shock! Although, I really shouldn’t have been since I have tons of twins in my family (all identical…). In fact, going back six generations (including my twins) along the maternal line four of the six generations are identical twins. Still, I didn’t see it coming. I joined TPOM during my pregnancy and have appreciated the support and friendships from other parents of multiples. As vice president I love giving back to this wonderful community. In my spare time, I am a physics and astronomy professor and the director of the Pierce College Science Dome.

Amity Highley – Treasurer


I am the mother of three, one son and identical twin girls. I joined TPOM in 2014 while pregnant with the girls. TPOM has been a great resource since the girls arrived especially since we were new to the area. Currently, I stay home with the kids, keep busy volunteering, helping the kids with school and chasing our puppy, Rey.