Chair Members

Our organization relies on volunteers, like the awesome chair members below. We have a mix of new and longtime volunteers to keep our members engaged and the group running smoothly!

Kathryn Winston, Event Chair


I am Kathryn Winston, mother to a 7 year old daughter and 5 year old identical twin boys. I have been a part of TPOM for 3 years now and have loved every moment of it. I love getting together, hanging out and all the fun stuff we go and do and now I get to help plan some of the activities! Let’s party!

Nicole Krout, Membership, Sale Chair, NW Junior Delegate


Sale email:

NW Junior Delegate:

Hi, my name is Nicole. I have 3 kids, middle school age girl and elementary age girl/boy twins. My son has special needs. He is accepted and welcomed with the group and has made friends. When I was at my doctor appointment after we found out we were expecting twins I was given a business card with TPOM’s info. My husband I went to the Survivor 101 meeting and joined that night! TPOM has been a huge support for me and my family. I try to give back to TPOM as much as I can. I love all the connections I’ve made since joining! I’m a stay at home mom and busy with lots of interests.

Becca Fairchild, Tech Chair


I have been a member of TPOM since 2018 when I found out I was pregnant with identical twin boys. The twins were born when their sister was two years old, so I was very overwhelmed some days. I have really appreciated having this support system of people to ask questions and see how they are managing years ahead of my journey! My husband and I both work full-time and rely on support from our nanny, family, and friends to keep this busy family going. I work at a tech company and I’m excited to be tech chair for one of my favorite organizations.

Denise Oatman, Preemie Closet Chair


I have been a member of TPOM since 2019. I have had such amazing support from all the members of this group. The first meeting gave me such hope and calmed my fears about having twin babies. I look forward to helping members as the preemie chair.

Melissa Ferris, Meals After Multiples Chair


Amber Southworth, Benevolent Chair