What does membership include?

Our online support includes many different offerings. We have a private Facebook page for full access members where we share ideas about parenting, helpful tips and much more. We also have a private classifieds page that only members are allowed to sell or buy from.

You’ll have the chance to forge friendships with people who have the same joys, frustrations, questions and situations as you. Being a parent of multiples is different and trying to find friends that can understand this is one of our most valuable benefits. Our group includes families with preemies, special needs kids, adopted children, triplets, quads and much more that we hope will make you feel included. We not only have children’s playdates, we have adult only meet-ups for parents to get away and have non-kid fun. Head on over to our events page and check out what we have going on!

You will also have the opportunity to attend the annual weekend getaways for Moms of Multiples (MOMs) that refresh and also educate mothers of multiples through our Northwest Association of Mother’s of Twins Clubs Spring Conventions and Fall Meetings.  These gatherings offer classes, the ability to meet mothers from other northwest clubs, and some much needed “mommy” time.


We have playdates at member’s homes and at different public venues. You will automatically be added to our private Facebook page and put on the email list for playdate invites and group events. We also offer many other club sponsored events throughout the year that are for members-only. Our most popular events are Pairs at the Patch in October and Pool Day in the summer at the Fircrest pool.

Preemie Closet

Newborn twins are much more likely to need preemie clothes for a short while. Instead of having to purchase clothes that they will only wear a little while, you can borrow from our club’s assortment of preemie clothes that have been donated by other members.

Meals After Multiples

Provides meals to our members with newborn twins, triplets, or higher multiples. Having newborn multiples doesn’t leave you with a lot of spare time, so having a few meals that you can just pop in the oven is a great help! Our new members love having a fellow parent of multiples drop food off! It can even be frozen if you prefer.

Benevolent Chair

Our Benevolent Chairperson can assist you in requesting assistance and support from our club and NWAMOTC including scholarships for membership assistance. Let us know if there’s an injury, illness, or other hardship you’re going through. Email:


As a paid member of our group you are a member of the Northwest Association Mother Of Twins Club. Benefits include attending the yearly NWAMOTC Convention, Fall Meeting and eligibility for scholarships (for mothers and children).

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